An innovative dashboard for online video sessions with users/citizens whether they have an App or not.

Jastok has launched an innovative software solution that can be easily connected ro any 24/7 Control Center allowing your operators to turn any incoming call into a video session with citizens who are calling to report an emergency and to see the citizen's location on a map, if required, with no need to install any app by the citizen.

The system also allows the citizens to pre-schedule video meetings with relevant representatives.
It also supports the management of all historical records and it completely retains user privacy.

There is also an option for an app (Android & iOS) turning the user's smartphone into an Advanced Emergency button with an online connection to the 24/7 Control Center.
The app (= an Advanced Emergency Button):
  • Opens a live video call with the Control Center with an option to switch between Front/Back camera
  • Sends GPS location to the Control Center
  • When the user doesn’t have an app: Gets a link allowing him to open a live video call with the 24/7 control center with an option to send his GPS location  
Back office / Dashboard (in the 24/7 Control Center):
  • Handles live events that were triggered by the user’s app: start a live video session with the user and watch his location on a map
  • When a user with no app calls: send him a link allowing him to join a live video session with the control center and see his location on map
  • An option to join participants to the video call and to share documents&photos
  • Handles all historical events/records
  • System administration (adding users, setting permissions, generating reports, etc.)
  • An option for a "White Label" solution